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xoxoyana asked:
You make me miss Atlanta sooo much!! Beautiful photographer!! Keep up the great work!!

Thank you! Come back soon!

Atlanta’s Underground

Intersections in the city

crtxshoots asked:
Hey what's up man, I stumbled upon your page and I've really been enjoying your work. Any advice for someone just venturing into street photography? And could you check out my work if you get the chance?

I would say the best advice I could give is

  • Know your camera inside and out, the better you know your camera, the quicker you’ll be able to pull off shots…better. Some moments last only seconds so if you can’t be fast in street photography when necessary then you might find it to be very difficult
  • Pay attention to your subjects, watch how they move and attempt to predict them. 
  • Bad jokes are good. I know this sounds crazy but start to learn some really bad or surprising jokes. A lot of times even when someone has agreed to let me take a photo of them, they’ll still be too tense and I am forced to think of something to help relax them. Among other things, I would say bad jokes tend to work almost always to get a natural reaction. 
  • And finally LOOK AT OTHER PHOTOGRAPHY, I can’t stress that enough. Immersing yourself in your artform and artsforms outside of your own will inspire you and allow you to become a better artist yourself, you’ll decide what aesthetics you like and dislike until you start coming into your own style. 

I hope this helped?

latenightsandfastlives asked:
I'm in Atlanta every weekend. And it's never as beautiful as your photos. Maybe I'm just looking in all the wrong places...but thank you for bringing Atlanta's beauty to light.

These are the types of messages that make me very happy to read. I’m happy that you’ve chosen to tell me this. 

a----l asked:
How do you approach people when you want a picture?

I typically smile and tell them what I do, the range of responses I get from that varies but usually it’s funny whether or not they want their photo taken

Don’t forget to look up every so often

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