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Happy Valentine’s Day

Anonymous asked:
I love your art. How long have you been photographing? Any advice for a novice photographer? Especially advise on photographing people and animals?

For about 1 1/2 years now. There’s so much I could possibly tell you, but you can find most of it on youtube and online tutorials. I will say that you should try shooting at a low aperture like 2.8 and focusing on your subject when their background is far away to get a nice blurring or “bokeh” effect as it’s called. It’ll make your subject look really crisp.

justerinitout asked:
Hey just wanted to drop by and say that I love your work. I'm going to be moving to Atl soon :)

Awesome! I hope the city treats you well :)

"The tenant before me left this"

I suppose there is a love story she did not finish with this place.

Meeting Amka was really nice, I found him playing outside of a museum. He told me that he’d played in music festivals all over the world so I asked him if that taught him anything and his response,

"People may not have understood the language coming out of my mouth but when I started playing- everyone understood that. Everyone understands music."

My purpose in this world is to bring light to the dark”

"Tell me about a time that you did that"

"I made a documentary on the homeless women at City of Refuge and shared their stories giving them the chance to feel human and worthy- showing the world that you can become homeless in a moment so don’t judge people that aren’t as well off as you"

"I don’t have any advice, but I’ll give you this quote….you don’t need a home"

The most intriguing quote I’ve heard thus far

"So, what do people say when they see the tattoos?"
"They think I’m crazy"
"Are you?"
"Nah, I just like body art"

He had a certainty about himself.

As seen in Midtown

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